Leather Repair

Leather Repair

Leather Repair | Star Shoe & Watch Repair - NYC, NY

Though our name may indicate otherwise, Star Shoe & Watch Repair doesn’t just service shoes and watches – we do general leather repair, too! Tore a sleeve on your favorite leather jacket? Gotten an unexpected stain on that new purse? Does your leather luggage or briefcase look like it’s on its last legs? When it comes to leather repair, if you wear it or bear it, we can repair it!

Our staff members bring their years of training and experience to bringing your leather goods back to their original luster. The versatility of our knowledge in leather goods – not just shoes – ensures that you are receiving a high quality of service at a price competitive with other retailers in the New York City area.

No job is too big or too small, and regardless of the extent of the damage we’re fixing, you will be satisfied with the end result. And most of our leather repair can be done while you wait! We can bring your leather back to the fond image you remember and, in some cases, even better!

We know that your clothes and accessories say a lot about you, and you want to ensure you’re sending the right message – that you’ve got it together, that you’re presentable. With this in mind, we spare no effort in restoring and reviving your most treasured leather goods so you’re positioned to impress from the moment you leave our premises.

So what are you waiting for? Preserve that investment you’ve made, and make it last a little bit longer! Bring your leather goods down to Star Shoe & Watch Repair – you’ll love the way we love your leather!