Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair | Star Shoe & Watch Repair - NYC, NY

Your shoes are a significant investment; you spend a lot of time in them and you want to get a lot of use out of them. Maybe the mean streets of New York have cracked the heels on your Manolos. Or the sidewalks have scuffed your Stacy Adams down to the socks. Or your Jimmy Choo's look a little chewed up. Whatever the state of your shoe, trust the hands at Star Shoe & Watch Repair to restore your pair at a price that's fair!

Most of our customers come in for everyday shoe repair – maybe the heel of the shoe is beginning to separate or has separated completely, or the sole is coming apart from the toe of the shoe. And, indeed, this is a simple fix for our knowledgeable staff.

But we’re also equipped and experienced in handling more sophisticated repair. Maybe your favorite pair of sneakers needs a re-stitch. Or the back of your Louboutins has been obliterated and must be reconstructed. We have the tools and – more importantly – the know-how to repair all brands and types of leather footwear.

In some cases, our customers have brought us leather shoes from consignment shops and given us the privilege of restoring them to a state better than they looked when they were bought! If we can do this for them, we can do it for you, too!

Our shoe repair service is not restricted to repair alone! We can dye those heels that special shade of seafoam you need to match that bridesmaid dress for your cousin’s wedding. We can take those boots from the secondhand store and make them better than new! We can take those loafers passed down from your father and restore them so you can pass them along to your son. When it comes to fixing your shoe, there’s nothing that Star Shoe & Watch Repair can’t do! Shoe repair also includes keeping your shoes looking as good as new, so we provide the latest in supplies for shoe maintenance. And don’t forget our legendary shoe shine service, second to none in the city. Come see us today at Star Shoe & Watch Repair, and let us love the leather you love!