Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair | Star Shoe & Watch Repair - NYC, NY

As the saying goes, clothes make the man (or woman). If that’s the case, then accessories complete the man. And no accessory better completes an outfit like a good watch. Star Shoe & Watch Repair makes your look complete by providing watch repair ranging from simple battery replacement to more extensive timepiece surgery.

Maybe all you need on a particular day is a new battery. Star Shoe & Watch Repair carries a wide range of sizes and voltages, so we’re certain we can meet your watch battery needs and have you back on the street, on time, in a New York minute!

But what if your timepiece has begun malfunctioning, running slow or running too fast, or has been damaged by an accident or by the elements? Star Shoe & Watch Repair can answer the call as well, with our staff experienced in handling precision timepieces. They will help you get your watch back on track.

Along with taking care of the internal workings of your favorite timepiece, Star Shoe & Watch Repair will also replace the straps, links and clasps on your watch. All of the work we do will be done according to standard specifications, just as if you had taken your watch directly to the manufacturer. You never need to be concerned about whether the job will be done as well as the manufacturer would do it, because we use their standards in any watch repairs we perform. And more often than not, repairs can be done while you wait!

Before you know it, you and your most important accessory will be ready to go back on the town! You’ll be inspired to send your friends our way after they take a look at that fine-tuned timepiece on your wrist. Come see us today and see how Star Shoe & Watch Repair loves the watches you love!